Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Why I've Been in Hiatus

it's been a long time since I write here right?
a year? maybe......
just kind of busy...pffttt...

I've been through soo much difficulties lately..
what it is?
my failure...a big, big, BIG failure in my life..
failed in my examination then I need to repeat a year of my study
staying home for almost 6 months
because of that I give a big humiliation to my family
I give them a hard time but they still supporting me
when I continue my study the overall cost is much higher than before
I can't apply for PTPTN unless I pay for the previous PTPTN
so during repeating this 1st year I just use my Kak Long's money
I feel sorry for her but I can't do anything
she and my brother also paid for my previous PTPTN
it's not a little but it is RM4500....
I just can say thankful and feel grateful that I have great sisters and brothers..
I promise my family that I will get an excellent result but once again I make them upset..
I just barely pass my examination..
but or this 2nd sem I think I make them a little proud because my result is much better than before.. (^_^)v

I love my FAMILY sooooo much~~~~ <3 (^_^)*